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038: When It Comes to Taxes, It’s All in the Planning!

May 24, 2023

When it comes to Tax Prep versus Tax Planning? Hands down, planning is king! Josh Bretl shows us the difference between filing our taxes and positioning ourselves to minimize what taxes we owe.

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037: Waking Up to Bank Failures and What It All Means

May 10, 2023

It’s been a bumpy ride for banks lately – but context is everything! This episode decodes the collapse in recent weeks of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic.

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036: De-Mystifying Medicare – Part 2

April 24, 2023

Medicare — The beauty and the terror! Dave Wylly of Medicare Solutions Network joins Josh on the podcast to liberate you from the fear of Medicare!

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035: De-Mystifying Medicare – Part 1

April 12, 2023

Medicare can be intimidating, but don’t bury your head in the sand! If you want to truly own your retirement, be proactive in forming a solid Medicare strategy.

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034: FSR’s Mic Drop Mission Statement 2.0

March 22, 2023

Our team’s positive energy and client success are about more than the nuts and bolts of tax strategy, investments and savings. What else is there? Listen to find out!

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033: Tax Challenges Are Unavoidable. But There Are Solutions!

March 8, 2023

In this episode we get down to the nitty-gritty of tax strategy for retirement! You’ll come away with a better understanding of the downsides of mutual funds and a new way of thinking about capital gains as something to manage – not dodge at your own expense.

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032: Don’t Let Tax Drag Drag Your Investments Down!

February 22, 2023

Don’t live in fear of capital gains or tax liabilities! Learn about portfolio rebalancing, the difference between sheltered and unsheltered investment vehicles, and tax drag!

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031: SECURE Act 2.0 for Retirees – What You Need to Know!

February 1, 2023

SECURE Act 2.0 changed the RMD age from 72 to 73, which is great news for most retirees. Other changes include RMD penalties, catch-up contributions, and more.

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030: Fun With 401k Plans – America’s Greatest Savings Tool!

January 18, 2023

They are the single biggest savings tool we have available to us. Are you using them effectively? That’s the question we explore on this episode devoted to all things 401k.

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029: Your Annual IRA Contributions – When, Why & How Much!

January 4, 2023

How can you make traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as 401k plans, work for you? Understand the benefits, limitations and rules of the road on IRA contributions.

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