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011: Roth IRAs May be the Greatest Tax Benefit to Retirees

June 30, 2022

You’ve heard it before: Timing is everything. On this episode of The Retirement = Freedom Podcast we’re learning about the ins and outs of the Roth IRA and why it’s such a fantastic savings tool, so long as it’s executed correctly. Host Josh Bretl gets into the finer points of tax-deferred versus tax-free distributions, what conditions must be met to make Roth contributions and the peace of mind that can come from leveraging the option. It’s one of the few vehicles that we can count on to maximize savings while minimizing future tax burden.

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008: Know Your Risk Score and Don’t Rely on Dumb Luck!

June 9, 2022

Josh details a more precise way to measure comfort levels relative to where we are in our retirement journey – as well as how it all correlates (or doesn’t!) with market exposure.

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007: Don’t Let Fear and Greed Derail Your Retirement

June 2, 2022

Retirees don’t have the flexibility to wait out a downturn and long, slow recovery. So the answer is? Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position!

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006: Knowing Your Budget and How Much You Spend is Critical in Retirement

May 26, 2022

Spending choices are entirely at your discretion. No shame and no blame. But wherever you are on your retirement planning journey, it’s important to get honest and get a strategy.

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005: You Get to Decide How Much Taxes to Pay in Retirement

May 19, 2022

When you’re a W-2 employee there’s little control over earning and taxation. In retirement, the timing and allocation of investment and savings withdrawals is up to you – which (if you’re on top of it) requires strategic decision-making.

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004: As a Retiree Your Investment Strategy Needs to Balance Time and Risk

May 12, 2022

During your working years a big pile of money is pretty much the Golden Ticket to non-stop good times. But in retirement you need to learn how to spend your money!

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003: How Will You Replace Your Income in Retirement?

May 5, 2022

Folks thinking about retirement tell us that income is their biggest concern. It starts with one basic principle: Lock in a stream that is predictable, safe and secure.

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002: Don’t Let Fear Dominate Your Retirement

June 2, 2023

When it comes to Tax Prep versus Tax Planning? Hands down, planning is king! Josh Bretl shows us the difference between filing our taxes and positioning ourselves to minimize what taxes we owe.

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001: You Deserve to Thrive in Retirement

April 29, 2022

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Retirement Equals Freedom Podcast! We’re here to help folks understand how to use smart strategy and planning to secure – and enjoy – the retirement of their dreams.

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000: The Trailer

April 14, 2022

Watch a short introduction from Josh, then watch the trailer that started it all!

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