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031: SECURE Act 2.0 for Retirees – What You Need to Know!

February 1, 2023

SECURE Act 2.0 changed the RMD age from 72 to 73, which is great news for most retirees. Other changes include RMD penalties, catch-up contributions, and more.

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030: Fun With 401k Plans – America’s Greatest Savings Tool!

January 18, 2023

They are the single biggest savings tool we have available to us. Are you using them effectively? That’s the question we explore on this episode devoted to all things 401k.

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029: Your Annual IRA Contributions – When, Why & How Much!

January 4, 2023

How can you make traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as 401k plans, work for you? Understand the benefits, limitations and rules of the road on IRA contributions.

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028: 4 Things to Know Before Claiming Social Security (Part 3)

December 21, 2022

What variables should you consider before claiming social security? Josh Bretl digs into 4 often overlooked factors, while offering strategies to help with your decision.

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027: When Should You Claim Social Security? (Part 2)

December 7, 2022

When should you claim Social Security? It depends on your age, health history and how much you require to live comfortably. It also depends on how much you’re earning.

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026: Getting the Lowdown on Social Security (Pt. 1)

November 23, 2022

Are you ready for all things Social Security? On this episode we take a 360° look at this federal program that touches the lives of just about every retired American.

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025: Factoring Longer Lifespans into Retirement Security – and Fun!

November 9, 2022

Actuarially speaking, death these days isn’t really a downer! We’re living longer, which means more fun. And it also means you need to plan for a longer life.

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024: What Should I Consider When Doing My Year-End Planning?

October 26, 2022

They say timing is everything, which is most definitely the case when it comes to year-end financial planning. That’s why Host Josh Bretl is bringing us his Top Six End-of-Year Considerations as we bring 2022 to a close.

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023: What are Some Bond Alternatives?

October 12, 2022

We’re losing some of the downside protection, and we also still have ultra-low interest rates. You could deal with low interest when not worried about values falling out from beneath of us, but now we kind of have this worst of both worlds.

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022: All About Inflation Fighting I Bonds

September 28, 2022

I Bonds are pegged to inflation and as inflation has soared, so have their rates of return. Learn about who is qualified to purchase, how much can be invested annually, the tax implications upon withdrawal of funds and whether this is an investment that’s right for you.

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